Skip the restaurant, let's Moonfish!

What is a Moonfish private event anyway? 

Moonfish dinners typically consist of 4-6 course that are always unique and a totally original experience. We can host your group at Liberty Kitchen, come to you and provide an amazing meal in your home, or do a dinner somewhere unique! Perfect for 6-16 guests, our dinners are a creative alternative to dining out.

What do I get and what does it cost?

Moonfish dinners start at $60/pp* for Moonfish's monthly menu, or menus can be customized starting at $70/pp*. We'll provide the flatware, plates, glassware, friendly service, and a clean kitchen at the end of the night. Wine pairings are available upon request. Tips aren't necessary, but always welcome!

Sounds fun, how do I learn more?

Just reach out! We are happy to customize events or accommodate anything else you may need.


Still not sure? You should still shoot us an email! We can answer any questions you have and quickly figure out if a Moonfish dinner is right for your event. We look forward to cooking for you.


*minimum cost is $600 before travel fees. travel fees are typically $50 in the greater Philadelphia area, complete pricing is provided with contract